Better today

I am doing much better today. Thanks for all the stories and encouragement, they do help. One really great thing happened on Tuesday. Kathleen's ears had no fluid on them so that relieved much of my tension. It didn't remove the quarter issue and I'm really not sure why I'm not a major mess.

Sammi was given chewable elax yesterday and passed a bowel yesterday and one this morning. No quarter, but for some reason I'm not panicking. Talking with a friend I think I just over worried myself and now I'm numb to it. But I have Shea and he's grounding me so I bug him to keep checking Sam's tummy but all seems well. Tomorrow if she poops I'll probably be a lot better.

I'm still not sure if I'll be completely worry free with out a chest x-ray but we'll see. She's doing well, she's pooping if she keeps doing so I'll probably ease into being okay with.

Thing is we don't really know what she swallowed. I assume it was a quarter. She said she swallowed money. And the only money I knew she had was a Quarter and that was what Shea said that Kathleen had given her a bit earlier. I don't really know but I'm fearful something will go wrong. I'm just not in overdrive. This is a much more manageable fear. I think it was everything just piling on me at once. Kathleen's ears have been plaguing me for a while.

So on top of all this everyone is getting sick. I have a cough and sore throat and tons of sneezing. Sammi has a majorly runny nose, Kathleen has a cough and Shea is feeling off as well. We potentially might get snow, it's cold enough north of us to get sleet/ice rain mix etc, but not here I don't think. The big pink mass heading our way is well north of I-10 and we live south of that. So doubt we'll see anything tonight/tomorrow. But Thursday they are forecasting snow.... SNOW. It has snowed all of once since we moved down here, and that was Christmas my first year here lol. So we'll see. I'm not overly eager for snow, but I would really love to see the girls reactions to snow and playing in what limited amount they get. Yes Mom I'll take pictures and probably video it if we get some snow to play in!

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