Whelp today we pre-ordered Rift. We both really like the game. It's a throw back to Dark Age of Camelot and Warhammer with lots of WoW thrown in as well. I hope that the end game is worth it. I wasn't happy with WoW end game. But then I'm not a raider anyway. I can't say I'm a PvPer either but the end game in Dark Age of Camelot was much better than it ever was in WoW. DAoC at least was a dynamic game play.

I have heard rumors that they may end up making an open world PvP area for the PvE. Personally I think that is a much better end game than just doing raid after raid. I'd rather chase rifts down and fight bosses there than do the same content over and over again. But that's me.

I do very much enjoy Rift's public group system. There is no yelling for invites or having to know someone to get in on the action. Its just a click of the button away. Join a rift raid and then leave to go to the next one. Really awesome game play if you ask me. They have IDs just like WoW where you form your group(s) before hand. I'm sure there are raid dungeons as well I just haven't gotten that far yet lol.

Rift has an infinite potential in characters but I'm sure they'll cookie cutter it eventually. This this and this are the best and this is the best layout for it. I've never been good with the whole cookie cutter specs. That is how all games end up being in the end. I just want to play the way I want to lol. So leave me be.

We are trying out a guild at this time on Keenblade Shard called Retribution. So far it's okay but we've not been on when they've done any guild stuff so not sure if they are just a tag to our name or not. But the people seem nice enough. We'll see as things go on I guess.

We canceled WoW and will be playing Rift when it goes live March 1st. We pre-ordered the digital collectors edition, it was worth the ten dollars to get extra bag space and a free mount on character creation. The physical one wouldn't be worth it but eh, it's all good. I'm only concerned about not having a copy of the game on CD so that we can reinstall on a reformat or new computer. But I'm sure I'll figure something out soon enough on how to remedy that situation.

Dragon Hunting

Published on September 30, 2015

First Public Writing

Published on September 30, 2015