Learn Something New

I guess it's true you learn something new everyday. Yesterday was no exception. Thursday after school we went to Walmart for groceries. We got in the car, and Kathleen started complaining about stomach pain. She went pale white and then got sick. There was little I could while I drove the car. But it turned out she was fine after that little episode. She ate lunch with out issue and was up and playing around as soon as we got home. No more problems.

That was until she started complaining about a headache. For the next few days she'd mention to me she had a headache. I gave her some Tylenol we took a shower etc. But the next day she'd still say something. It was nearly so bothersome until Sunday night when she complained a lot. And was up almost all night because of a headache and what I believe is a fever. Why do I say I believe is a fever? Mostly because I'm cold by nature, I very rarely even hit normal body temperature when I take my temperature normally. And the girls they run hot like their Daddy. But I know the girls heat level compared to mine in most cases. And Kathleen felt warm, much warmer than she usually does. I worried about her all night and pretty much resolved to take her to the doctor that night. Not because so much of the fever but the fever with the combined headache.

Shea thought it was a good idea as well. We took her in as a walk in and didn't spend all day there, thankfully. But we found out that Kathleen has strep throat. The doctor told us sometimes strep presents itself as a headache and stomach pain. I took her in mostly to check her ears to make sure they weren't the cause of her headache, only to find out its her throat.

Little did I know or even suspect that it was strep, so after many kisses later, it's possible that everyone in the family has strep or had it. We really don't know where it came from. Possibly from Shea's work since there hasn't been a recent strep case in daycare in a while.

Today I have a sore throat. Yay me. I will watch to see how it progresses for the day, and we'll see how it goes. I need to watch Sammi as well, it's really difficult to tell when Sam is sick, she shows no signs of it ever, and she rarely complains. Well that's a lie, she complains every time Kathleen does, so I can never tell if she really has an issue or not. If I still have a sore throat tomorrow I will most likely go to the doctor on Thursday or at least try to. Tomorrow I can't as our new stove will be delivered sometime on Wednesday.

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