I am such a worry wort

Two days ago Kathleen went to the doctor to find out she had strep throat. Yesterday we did the same thing with Samantha. At 9am she passed out on the bed while watching TV. That's off even for Sammi. When I went to check on her she felt warm so I called the doctor to see when we could walk in. It would have to be that after noon but we got in so no big deal.

Kathleen had an eye and ear exam at 1pm so we just stayed for a walk in appointment for Samantha. Kathleen's ears are fine so no damage done to the ears with her extended fluid on her ears. Yay! But her eyes not so much. She passed the first test, but the one where she had to tell the nurse what letter or number she saw she couldn't make out the letters. I don't know if she didn't know the name of the letter or if she was being too shy or if she really couldn't see it. They were blurry to me when I went in to see and can see how she might have problems, but I was wearing my glasses so I know it's possible I need an update. The nurse will call eventually after the doctor sees the results and we'll probably get a referal to an eye doctor that deals with children. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

After Kathleen's tests we sat down to wait. As a walk in I expected to wait forever, but we were the first ones there and early too boot, and we got called back right away. Needless to say we were home by 3ish I think. Sammi refused to let them take a swab of her throat. It ended up the nurse pinning her down and me trying to keep her hands away from her so the nurse could get the swab to test. It came back positive.

Both girlies have strep. But it's not something I worry over that came around supper time. Sammi wouldn't eat. She had a bought of diarehha earlier and was a lot too warm. I gave her her medicine when she crawled into my bed I knew she'd fall asleep, she'd almost fallen asleep on her desk when she sat down there. She fell asleep and was awake by 9pm - hungry. I stayed up with her and fed her and made sure she was ready to stay in her room so she didn't wake Shea up. During those 3 hours while she napped I worried. When she woke up hungry she and was more back to herself so I didn't worry all night long like I had anticipated.

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