Mardi Gras

Last Saturday was an interesting day. We got up at 7am to get ready, I had already packed everything except the things we needed in the morning. I had made a list so I wouldn't forget important things like the girls antibiotics. We left around 7:55am to go get the little cakes Shea's Mom wants us to pick up. They weren't done but I had forgotten my phone so Shea waited for them to be finished while I went home to get my phone.

The drive over was rather uneventful, except that place we wanted to eat breakfast at didn't open up until 10:45am, it was a little after 8:30, so that wasn't going to work. We eventually found a place to eat and and made it to Mobile. The hotel room wasn't ready yet so we headed over to the coliseum where the ball was. We helped a little with things, and watched the emblem practice.

We went back to the hotel to Shea's parents room it was on the second floor. When we were leaving Samantha let go of my hand as I stopped to talk to some family members. The doors shut and Sammi went down. Thankfully Shea was on the first floor to find her there because no matter how many times I smashed the button to go down it still didn't open the doors, it just went down. I heard Samantha cry on the inside but Kathleen let out a scared cry as she knew her sister was trapped. We showed her that Sammi was safe in Daddy's arms and when we made it down the elevator she hugged her sister so tight. Sammi still tells me Mommy I don't want to go in elevators again.

I only lost Samantha once. She had wandered back to a friend who watches them once and a while. I was thankful that was the only time she wandered from me.

We watched the 2pm parade and the girls got pelted with beads a number of times. They didn't really like the parade after that. But they did manage to get some things.

At 6pm we got ready for the party in our pretty dresses and Shea in his tux. We had an issue after getting ready with Shea disappearing on me and me getting upset but it's important not to dwell on it. So I won't reiterate it here, needless to say we finally got together in time for formal pictures with the Queen to be made.

Note: these pictures were taken at home before the ball.

We sat back down after pictures and waited for about an hour for the show to start. Samantha started to fall asleep them but their aunt took her for a walk and that seemed to help keep her awake. At least until it got dark and she had to be quiet. She started nodding off in their lap, so I took her to mine to see about keeping her awake, it was over for her she was out. We moved over to the eldest nephew, who had agreed to carry her up on to do her part in the show. She flopped around and was a big hit with the crowd. She stayed asleep the rest of the time.

Kathleen got to dance with Daddy and she wanted to dance with me, but we really needed to get Sammi from their uncle and head home. I promised her we'd dance at home. I've yet to fulfill that promise but I will. She was such a good girl there I am very proud of her. Of both of them, they did a good job of behaving.

When we got back to the hotel room I woke Samantha up taking off her dress. I was afraid when we went to bed that she'd be up all night, but she wasn't she curled up and pretty quickly went to sleep, everyone was exhausted. That was the start of the first bad night Shea had. A cold snuck up on him and he had a miserable night.

The morning came and we packed up and helped pack up the in laws massive stuff too, and then we went to breakfast before coming home.

All in all it was a good time. We enjoyed it. We probably won't do it again very soon, but we'll see. It's not our cup of tea as they say.

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