Getting warmer here

It's getting warm down here. It's been in the 70's for over a week, and we are running the air conditioner every night. The windows in the living room and office are open and it's cold in the morning, but that's only relative. The house stays chilly through out the day so I end up in a sweatshirt all day but it's worth it.

We moved our computers to the bedroom to prepare for the incoming heat. We spent an hour or so cleaning up the bedroom to do that. It still needs a little work, and then I really need to buckle down and clean the entire house before it gets too hot.

I also need to call the AC people to come see if they can tell us what is wrong with our AC unit and how much it'll be to fix it. We probably won't run it much this summer but it'll be nice to have if we have company which we are planning on having this May. My parents are coming and we are excited. The girls are making plans already lol.

It's always good to see my parents, I only wish we could make it home more often. We will enjoy their visit muchly but it's not the same as going home. Probably won't be this year maybe next year will make it up in the summer or over winter break. Kathleen starting school will limit the times we can go.

March 1st starts pre-registration for Kindergarten. I have to make a phone call tomorrow to see if I must take my Kindergartner with me or not if I don't then I will just take the little one to fill out the paper work. Registration is in July for like two days. fun.

They are growing up so fast. I'm so happy to see Kathleen doing so well, even though it's a fight to make her stay at school. She likes it, but she doesn't want to leave me. I haven't been nearly as present as I could have been with her outings and the like because I want her to learn to be with her friends with out me.

Kathleen has her first birthday party this Saturday. I have to remember to pick something up for the little girl. It's at the skating rink so it'll be nice to take the girls. Even if it's an extra $4 for Sammi to skate, it'll be good.

We'll probably take the girls skating again for Sam's birthday just the two of them with the passes Kathleen got for her birthday. Hopefully they will have a good time.

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