There are a lot of decisions to be made lol. Most of them require a bit of thinking time. And others are just wait and see.

One of the one that is hardest for me is the decision on what to do with Bubba. We (me and the girls) love the dog, but Shea and I are coming to the conclusion that Kathleen (and myself) are allergic to him. Not specifically to him, or to dogs in general but to dog dander. We didn't have issues with Diamond, sure she shed like crazy so that kinda implies that we aren't alergic to dog hair. Bubba on the other hand has always had really dry skin, and dandruff. Black dog, white flakes everywhere, hard to miss lol.

Since we've gotten him I've been told I have allergies, and so has Kathleen. In May I'll have been taking Zyrtec for a year. We've had him since December of that year prior. He'll be 2 this Octoberish. I really don't like the idea of having to get rid of him, but if it comes down to Kathleen's allergies and him I'm going to have to choose her over him. Her health is more important.

Our insurance isn't going to cover allergy testing for her I'm sure. I'd feel 100% more comfortable with the decision if we really knew for certain it was the case. But insurance sucks. We might get better soon, but it all depends on Shea changing jobs in the near future. Shea isn't sure we should wait that long. But I also believe another month or two isn't going to make the girls anymore attached then they already are.

And this is only one of those fun decision to be made. Fun Fun!

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