New Theme

I've had a keen desire to make something - rather to code something, I didn't have an inspiration but I knew I could code up a base template for WordPress. So I started from scratch. I think I have 3 iterations of various from scratch themes, but this one was truly from scratch. I started with no baseplate. I used the Twenty Ten theme to make sure I didn't forget things and to pull things out of but I didn't use the template as a whole, just some techniques in it.

My new theme is HTML5 compliant. It works in all modern browsers and I hope it degrades well in all the others. I haven't checked any thing other than the modern browsers as of yet, but I will. The theme is 3.1 ready with post formats for asides, links and images. I'm using a bit of CSS3 as well in border radius and gradients and a few other odds and ends. My goal was to make the site pretty with minimal graphics. I'm using google web fonts for all fonts on the site except the site name which is my standard graphic logo.

I've also used pages instead of Next and Previous Links on the index, archive and search pages to keep things a bit more accessible and to see how much you have left to browse through.

Not sure there is much else anyone would be interested in. But it's a new look one that I hope to keep around for a while. And it might change a bit as the times go on and I get bored, this will be an easy one for me to just change up the CSS to make the site look different.

Dragon Hunting

Published on September 30, 2015

First Public Writing

Published on September 30, 2015