Applying for Jobs

Shea is applying for a new job. It's located near where he currently works about an hour away from us. But this new job has a few pluses:

  1. They have a van that will take him to and from work.
  2. They have health, dental, vision and Rx insurance
  3. They have paid vacation

The only thing we don't know for sure is the pay. As long as it's comparable to what he was making before at Ingalis we'll be okay.

I am also applying for a couple of jobs. They are secretary type work - one is for the city as Parks and Recreation Assistant and the other is a File Type Cleric at the hospital. I doubt I'll get the work as I don't have any real experience in being a secretary. I have no doubt I could do the job and do it well, but it's hard to make my engineering experience work towards these jobs. I did to typing and filing and research and a ton of things that could be useful in these, but I don't think they work to well towards them. But I did the best I could to make sure my resume reads like that. It's hard though.

I am not looking forward to putting the girls into daycare full time if I do get a job. It's nearly heart crushing to think of doing that but they are both nearly in school full time. I'll survive and I know the girls will too.

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