My Parents Are Coming

As the title states, my parents are coming! yay!

I talk to them every week and they see the girls on the web cam every week, but there is nothing better than sharing the joys of the girls with them even if it's only for a short while. They will arrive about 1pm on May 5th and leave here at about 11am on May 12th.

I always feel like an odd duck when I get over excited about seeing my family. But I can't help it. Even though there were times in the past that were not great and that I didn't enjoy parts of my childhood, I love my family. I even miss my brother. (And I'm glad that Stacey has a Facebook account so that I can see Camyrn grow up too, I wish they could grow up together but thats not likely to happen.)

I really love going back home. And no matter were I live home will always be where my parents are - specifically where my Mom's family is. I didn't grow up in Edmeston, but it feels like home the most to me. The family is tight and that is really what I love about. Nothing wrong with my Dad's family. I love them to death even though I've not seen them in over 20 years ... holy crap that's a long time.

But back to the matter at hand, my parents are coming! I'm excited, the girls are excited and my parents are excited.

I have a week worth of meals planned. I sent it off to my Mom to make sure there was nothing overly bad for Dad on it. I don't want my Dad to go into a diabetic coma or something cause I fed him something he shouldn't eat. I don't get to cook for someone other than my family, so this is always a treat. I do alot of the cooking when we visit but it doesn't turn out the same when up there, so getting to use my own stuff will show off more of the goodness that I am trying to show off lol.

As a basic idea these are my plans thus far for foodage: Hot dogs and Hamburgers, Pizza and Wings, Taco Soup, Mexican, my mac and cheese, a cookout and either fried or roasted chicken.

We are only planning two things - Going to the skating rink with the girls and going to the beach park for Mother's Day but that really depends on the weather.

I'm excited it's getting closer to them being here. Thankfully I only have didying to do so I don't feel like my mother will be inspired to clean my house...

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