The good with the bad

I know you all don't notice but I've been avoiding journaling for a little bit now. Now I can share the bad with the good.

Shea was laid of mid-April. We had no income and we had no prospects for jobs. Everything was not hiring. Shea told me he'd never seen it this bad before. But today Shea finished his interview with BAE and he got the job. So yay! Unfortunately it's only a 90 day job, but hopefully by then things will be looking up. But for the short term we will be okay again.

I turned off our cable TV and until we catch up on the bills for the past two weeks or so I'll probably leave it off too. We still have the internet as the only way I can help make money is to have reliable access to the net. And it was the easiest way to look for jobs etc. And it keeps the girls entertained with our Netflix streaming instead of boring us with the same DVDs all the time.

But we are going to be fine, things are okay now and I just wanted to share the past two weeks with you now that I'm not going to worry anyone anymore than we already do lol.

On the job front for myself I have applied for a Computer Lab Teacher's Assistant job in Gautier - College Park Elementary. I don't know if I want or if Shea will let me work there if I do as he says its a bad neighborhood. But it's there. I have others too but nothing is never as promising as this one. No I've not heard anything but my background leads a lot more into this than other jobs I've been looking at.

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