Two Stories

My parents are visiting. Though you won't get any tales from that unless something really really good happens that needs it's own post. Like this one.

However one story is not funny and the other is funny in the context it was given.

My mom accidentally washed her cat. She put in a load of laundry and the kitty jumped in afterward she'd loaded but before it was turned on. The poor thing thumped around for a little while before my Mom heard her. The kitty's rear was a little worse for wear, but Mom says she's doing fine she just has a sore tail now. But they are still watching and the kitty is afraid of the washer. I would be too if I got stuck in it.

Now to the funny story. Samantha got a Bullseye stuffed toy for her birthday, she got him dirty and he needed to be washed. So into the washer he went. We were telling my parents about bullseye being washed and very seriously Kathleen says to us, "Now his tail hurts." Her logical conclusion since grandma's kitty got washed by accident and her tail hurts means that Bullseye's tail must hurt.

The mere fact that she remembered and understood the consequences is amazing, but what makes it funny is that she said it so seriously. It wasn't a joke. If it had come from Samantha I'd have thought she was trying to be funny, but Kathleen not really. She was dead serious and I think her feelings were slightly hurt that we laughed about it. But she started to giggle too about it, so it didn't last long. She is such a bright little girl.

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