A visit from up north

I'm always sad when my parents leave or when I leave my parents. I miss having them around. Even on Long Island we could go up for a weekend and not be too much trouble, now we only get to see them once a year, twice at most. The only thing that truly helps is the fact that we talk every week via web cam.

But I love their visits. I had the house cleaned so Mom wouldn't be as inclined to clean it. She did mop my floors. I had a few projects for her, mostly Kathleen's projects - gardening. Kitten has been dying to plant things for months, and grandma helped out alot there, I just hope we can keep the plants alive. I now have basil and dill, yum!

Mom also covered my rocking chair covers. It looks presentable now.

We went to the library - twice! They girls really loved Grandma and Grandpa reading to them. It was nice to see them so excited to read hopefully they'll keep it up this summer.

We went to the beach park and Samantha didn't get hardly wet, where as Kathleen had a blast in the splash pad. Kathleen loved the park.

The week was rather uneventful for the most part, we had a few things planned. Like going to the skating rink, Grandma even got out on skates. Samantha didn't like the skates this time, so she ran around the rink with Grandma. It was cute. Other than that though we didn't have much planned.

Grandpa played cars with Sam and she loved it.

They both loved playing with Grandma and Grandpa, and I loved having them here.

I am sad to see them go.

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