Decisions part 2

A while back I posted about having to make some decisions. While part of the decisions as usual still hangs in the air one I have pretty much made up my mind on.

It's a topic we've broached before and one I had made a decision on. And ya know what I ended up with the same answer again. The topic: Having another child.

Sure I would LOVE to have another kid - in theory. The thought of being pregnant and having another little one, possibly even a little boy just lightens my heart.

BUT, then reality hits and I realize that I'm finally at the end of one long tunnel and approaching the next one. Do I really want to put myself in that long hard tunnel for another 5 years? That tunnel being that of baby/infant/toddler/pre-schooler. The tunnel that holds numerous night wakings for feeding and changing. Years of more diapers and then the dreaded potty training years.

I finally got through the bulk of these issues. And I'm looking forward to the next stages of life. Maybe if the girls weren't going to be so much older than the new baby it wouldn't be so bad. But I just got done with all that. I really don't think I can handle that again.

I'd love to have another, but I'm almost 100% positive that would not help my emotional state, only prolong the issue and potentially even worsen it. And that isn't good for me, the baby or the rest of the family. So I'm confident this is the right decision. We are done with having kids at two wonderful little girls.

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