I like Zumba

I'm not taking a class and I might if I can get through an hour of it on my on with the DVD. But I am very much liking Zumba. It's fun, not overly complicated and this is really the first time that I've felt good after working out. My knees are my week point they get weak and like jelly, which is good cause that means they are actually working.

I've gotten through 4 mixes on the cardio party disc of the set of 3 (disc 2). The girls even ask to dance, which is a very good thing, even tho they really don't do it long with me. But it gets me going and makes me get up. I try not to tell them later too much, but I do tell them. I have no set time today.

I was feeling a bit out of it and depressed and after my 20 mins today I felt pretty good. My worries didn't leave me but I wasn't worrying so much about them. I don't recall DDR or anything else I've done actually do that. So yes I like Zumba, not enough to pay for a class yet, but maybe, one day soon I will.

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Published on September 30, 2015

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