The girls have been watching Speed Racer: The Next Generation for the past few days, Shea and I had finished the series a few days ago but the girls have watched it from start to finish again. And that got me thinking about being a kid and the cartoons we watched.

As a kid I only remember two shows that we ever pretended we were those characters, the most easily recognizable one was He-man. Not only did we pretend to be them, we had a billion and one He-man action figures. We got some hand-me-downs and added to our collection. Otherwise we'd probably never have gotten Castle Greyskull at all. But we had it because of family hand-me-downs. yay!

The other one I remember I didn't remember the name of the show. I've thought about it over the years and never really got around to actively looking. Mom had suggested checking Speed Racer out. I didn't think it was that. I've checked out Voltron and various other ones we use to watch but I could never put the names into those shows. I did a 70s 80s cartoon search and came up with a site. And there I started clicking the names of shows I didn't know or couldn't place. Lo and behold the first on I clicked "Battle of the Planets" had main characters of Mark and Jason. Bingo! Found it. And now that I think about it I do remember G-Force being part of the pretend play too.

It's not streaming on netflix or even out on DVD as far as Netflix is concerned so I can't show it off to the girlies. Tho I'm sure they'd not like it. She-ra and He-man didn't impress them, hehe, they really didn't impress me either.

As another note of nostalgia, Dark Age of Camelot turns 10 this October. Holy, wow!

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