TV Shows

I know I am not the greatest of parents when it comes to the TV. Yes I let my kids watch it without much limitations. No they can't watch whatever they want. They are regulated to Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, PBS kids and possibly Cartoon Network. But mostly they watch the Disney Channel with a few exceptions. But right now we are with out cable TV, so they just watch what shows we let them that stream on Netflix. Yeah we get into a rut of watching endless Dora and Deigo. But they've watched some pretty cool cartoons too - Speed Race:The Next Generation, Dino Squad and currently we are doing The Jackie Chan adventures. Of course that is on top of Dora, Deigo, Backyardigans, Phineas and Ferb and several PBS kids shows.

I know I shouldn't let them watch as much as they do, but honestly they don't watch as much of it as you'd think. More often than not they will watch a few minutes and then go off an play something, come back in a few mins and then watch some more. They rarely just zone out for hours on end watching TV. The TV is good background noise.

Phineas and Ferb was one of those shows I was worried about when it first came out. Two boys who are always doing things that they shouldn't at least according to their sister. When it comes down to it Phineas and Ferb are about making the most of the days you have, having fun while doing it and using your mind to get things done. They never cheat, they never steal, they always have the proper permission, even if it's not the permission you'd think - building permits etc, but not always mom and dad's express permission to do exactly what they did lol. It sends a good message. It's a fun show and it's a show Shea and I don't mind watching for hours on end. We like it - we actually stop to watch it if we've never seen it before. It's a good family show.

I recently found out what a show was and was pretty much appalled that some parents let their children watch that show and wouldn't let them watch Phineas and Ferb. Disney has it's set of standerds, if it doesn't fit it doesn't show on Disney. Disney may be a commercial business but it is pretty family oriented. If it's one Disney I don't question whether or not I let my kids watch it. I have yet to find a show that I'm repulsed by or find that sends a bad message to the girls, regardless of the age range for the show.

Nick doesn't fall into that range. But the main reason we are dedicated Disney Channel household is mostly because I hate all the cereal commercials and the toy commercials that are all over other children stations. My kids don't need any help with their toy choices and they sure don't need the latest and greatest toy out there to be happy. Sometimes a cardboard tube make the light in my children's eyes go on - that's a lot of the time for Sammi lol.

Each parent has the right to do what they think is best I get that. Hehe, I have one friend who is pretty adamant that she is only going to let her kiddos watch the stuff she grew up on. She has a great DVD collection going to provide that entertainment. I'd love to see her collection but le sigh, she's too far away hehe. We have the right to raise our kids the way we feel best. Sometimes I just feel like I'm out of the loop on things. Things in the long run make me wonder if I'm a good parent, and then other times I know I'm doing a good job. My girls are loved, cared for and they love us right back. It's an awesome thing

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