Changes in Netflix

I think I am one of the few people who isn't overly upset about the change. Yes the change means I fork over more money than I currently have, but as far as entertainment value goes, it is still the cheapest of our diversions.

We were getting 1 DVD at a time (down from 3 DVDs at a time) and Unlimited Streaming. Both of these are things we are currently using well. But with the price jump of 6 dollars, we actually jumped up 10 dollars and change to get 2 DVDs at a time now. It made sense. Now we can possibly get 4 to 5 DVDs a week. Since mostly what we watch are series we didn't watch over the last season that's great for us. We are pretty good about putting out the one we watched the next day. We were doing 2 DVDs a week.

We aren't currently paying for cable, so $23 for the "idiot box" is far cheaper than another $50 plus streaming and DVDs we were going to get anyway.

We get our money's worth out of it. It's by far cheaper for us than buying the movies we want to see. If we really like it it goes on our Christmas list for things we want.

If Netflix had all the things we wanted for Streaming we'd easily drop it, but there are still tons of shows we can't see the newest episodes of. We'll survive I'm sure lol, but for now Netflix is still far cheaper and worth it's money than other options.

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