School Schedule

This Sunday started the beginning of our morning routine. Well bedtime on Sunday. On Sunday the girls went to bed at 7pm without the TV and only an alarm clock that played bubbles for two hours. With a few issues they were asleep with 40 mins. Chalk one up on the yay list lol.

We woke up on Monday at 6am, me and Kathleen took a shower - Samantha got a bye. And we got dressed and did everything we need to before 6:30a. We need to be at school around 7am for Kathleen to eat breakfast. Samantha will have 15 mins to eat breakfast before school. We will drop her off on the way home from dropping Kathleen off. Her school doesn't start until 8am. But it'll give her time to play with the kids before school and all that fun stuff too.

We did the same bedtime wakeup routine this morning. Samantha had to take a shower but we did no hair washing. Tomorrow everyone has to wash hair. That will be the test. See if we can still get ready by 6:30a with everyone showering and washing hair.

A few adjustments to the routine is going to be me setting out clothes for the next day so that I don't have to hunt them in the morning. But other than that I think we are doing real well.

I do know that I have to take a shower every morning or I will not be awake at all for the rest of the day. I was totally exhausted this morning but perked up with a shower. Thankfully, I was gonna be worried. I'm gonna have to start going to bed a tiny bit earlier cause I need a bit more sleep lol. Either that or some adjustment is needed. Probably a bit of both lol.

But so far so good.

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