First Day of Preschool

Sammi did really well today. I'm proud of her. She stayed with Miss DL (one of the other teachers of the younger children) while she waited for her teacher Miss BreEllen to come and take her to class.

She has her own little cubby, and she had a good time.

We had a few issues when leaving. I'm not sure what it was, mostly having to do with missing me and sissy I think not actually having a bad time at school. We cried all the way home. And we cried for about 20 mins at home (and so did her sister). It was almost a take a nap moment, but I knew she had to be hungry and I didn't want her to sleep then. But she was fighting me over food so we got her to watch some TV and snuggle in my bed for a few minutes. I showed her the 3-ring binder I bought her (and her sister and her Daddy) and the notebook she could write in. All her own. I showed her the box of colors, both crayons and pencils and she seemed to perk up and settle down. She colored for a little while, while I made lunch.

Miss BreEllen told me that her only issue was waiting her turn. Which is something we know she needs to work on. Hopefully this will help her out. They are having a more structured class for which I am grateful, not that last years was bad, I just think Sam needs more structure than Kathleen does. She's a bit more out going and more prone to lose track of her train of doing at that moment lol.

I look forward to seeing this school year with Sammi and am a bit frightened about Kindergarten for Kathleen. Not worried so much about her, worried about the drop of process, how she'll do with that and all the fun unknowns we are going to encounter with the start of a new year and a new school.

I am so proud of both of my girls. They are so wonderful and smart. Love em to death.

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