I'm highly impressed with the girlies. I made a point of starting the girls early on their school routines. I know I've posted about it before. We've gone nearly two weeks with NO TV at bed time. They alternate nights of choosing the sounds they get to sleep to. Kitten likes the birds and Sammi likes the bubbles. We've only had one night of issues really, but I think it had more to do with Mommy being sick than them really not wanting to sleep in their beds.

I think we have to adjust bed time as the weeks go on. Some days Kathleen says she needs more sleep so she goes to bed a half hour earlier. She never was a morning person though. But 6am is working, I think a shower helps her wake up too I know it helps me. Sam not so much she's pretty much wide awake once she's up lol. My morning kid that's for sure.

They adjusted well. Hopefully Kathleen will do well enough for school as well. She has half a day tomorrow and then starts on Thursday full time. That'll be fun.

Dragon Hunting

Published on September 30, 2015

First Public Writing

Published on September 30, 2015