Kindergarden & Preschool!

Kathleen had her discovery day for Kindergarden today. I went in with her at 7:45a and she ate breakfast, she did fairly well on her biscuit, but with out her bottom two teeth, eating an apple wasn't going to work. She ate lunch and a snack at school.

We went to Walmart and got a lunch tote for snack and another jumper so I can make sure she has a change of clothes for school. After breakfast she went with her teacher with out an issue. She came to me after her half day of school with no issues. No crying nothing. We had a good day.

Sam is got all O (outstanding) for the week, she did really well. Though we had an issue leaving, she wants to eat lunch with them, so we'll pay the $10 for her to eat each week. Which is fine with me.

Kathleen has free lunches at school and free breakfast (they are free to everyone yay - lunches not though). a

She has a lunch number she'll have to remember in order to get lunch so we got her a card with it laminated so she can have something easy to take with her to lunch. I will have to pay close attention to the lunch menu though there are several things she just won't plain eat ie: hamburgers of any time, sloppy joes, basically anything with ground up meats.

It was quiet while they were both at school. Shea was even gone, he went to pick up the lawnmower at his parents house. I put all the laundry away and did some work for a website before I had to go get Sammi. It was productive.

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