Interview Went Well

I think my interview went well. I prayed for the strength to get through the interview and so many other little things I knew I needed help with. I thanked God profusely for the opportunity both for providing it and today after I finished the interview.

I hope that I get the job. It's the perfect job if I like it. It's close to home literally 5 minutes away from the house with traffic. It's an 8 to 5 job so picks are easy etc. And I can telecommute if necessary on given days or if I have a deadline and need to work "late".

The IT guy in the interview is a Wheel of Time reader. He threw me for a loop when he greeted me with 'I see you'. I was literally speechless I mumbled I see you but I don't know if he heard me. Later in the interview to break the ice he asked me who was better - Perrin or Mat? I didn't answer right away cause I had to figure out who he was talking about. It wasn't how I pronounce the names lol. But there is no question in mind what the answer to that is. Mat of course, but most people who know my online presence would know that... Matalina and all lol. He had just finished reading the books and has to wait for the last one. That made me chuckle, and I had to relay Shea's story and mine and our long wait times.

My biggest concerns with the interview is my shyness and the fact that I don't have a lot of Lead developer and fast paced developer under my belt. Those are the things that I feel will make me unacceptable. But I'm hoping I fit better than the others and I know I can do the job no matter how fast paced it is and how much stress it might cause. I really do want this job and I'm praying that the decision is made quickly. Either way I will hear back from them, so that's a plus.

They didn't seem too concerned I didn't have iOS or Andriod under my belt, but I did emphasis during the whole interview, I love to write code, and learn new languages. I want to learn them but I just haven't had the opportunity to do so yet. So here's to hoping!

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