Next Step

I got an email this afternoon, asking me if I'd like to come in for a second interview and a 1-2 hour test. Of course I said yes. So at 9am on Monday I'll be going in for attempt number 2 to impress.

I am nervous about the test. I haven't programmed on the web with out being able to look things up I don't use often. I really have no idea what I'd need to study. I suppose I should look into to Drupal a bit more and SQL queries just to be safe. But I'm not going to learn Drupal in two days. I can look into the differences between mySQL and SQL quickly I hope.

I am glad to get the call back. It means I at least made a good impression on them. I just wonder how many people will be taking said test. We'll see I guess. I am going to need all the luck I can muster.

Wish me luck!

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