I am employed!

As of Monday I will be gainfully employed. I was offered a position at Baber's Corporate Office as a Web Developer. I am excited and nervous all at the same time. I'm going to miss my babies and my best friend, but I will be happy to be doing what I do so very much enjoy doing - coding.

The job is close to home - literally five minutes from the house. This is just a perfect job if there ever was one. I hope I do the company justice. I am nervous I'll choke lol. But then I was nervous about the test too.

The tests today were nothing for me to fret over. They were based on PHP and SQL queries. Of course there were things that I didn't get right away. I look a lot of stuff up! But it wasn't a matter of getting a great "score" it was an assessment of my skills more or less. The second part of a test was to decipher someone's code and tell him what it did. I think I did fairly well there with a few hints needed. The last part of the test was a code example. Basically he wanted me to spit out PHP that worked on a variable. It was probably the hardest of the tests because there wasn't much information given and I had to find the inspiration to do something.

So I created an array of random numbers between 1 and 100. And had it output the random number, the sum of the number plus all other numbers before it in the array, it also output the sum of the current number plus the one before it and it decided if the random number was even or odd. What I liked most about this part of the test was that he liked the way the code read. So that was a big plus for me.

All in all I was gone about an hour and a half. The told me that they were going to speak with the owner/their boss and persue hiring me. Yay! They asked me when I could start. My reply was I needed a few days to get my wardrobe together as my business attire was small. So Monday was a good starting day.


I got home and was on the phone with my Mom telling her the good news when I got a call. I didn't recognize the number so I took the call. They wanted me to come in and take an assessment test. I said sure I could be back there in 15 minutes. No big deal but I was worried about what they wanted me to do. It turned out to be just your basic morality/ethics test. While there I also filled out all the necessary paperwork. Hopefully on Monday I won't have much to do but we'll see I'm sure there will be something - and a potential drug test.

All in all I'm still major excited and really nervous. But I know I can do the job and I am thankful for this opportunity, not only to do what I love, but to do it so close to home. (And to be able to work FROM home if necessary!)

Wish me luck and pray for me while I continue on this new journey. It's going to be a very interesting ride!

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