Interesting First Day

Today was an interesting first day at work. But it wasn't a bad day. All in all I like the people I will be working with the most, so that's good.

My day was "eventful" I guess you could say. My computer hadn't arrived yet. It was out for delivery. No problem we went over what we could with out the computer. It came in relatively early in the morning. Then after we got it all set up, we started trying to install the software and it wasn't going to work, it wasn't the right computer type. So they started scrambling to figure out what happened and what to do. I should be getting my computer on Thursday, not sure how much coding I'll get done before I get that but we'll see.

I will be working on an iMac. It'll be a challenge to pick up but I've always wanted to work on one so we'll see how this goes. The only down side today's computer was the mouse was a bit erratic. I think it was just this computer, I would move it one way and it would spaz out and go the other. It was annoying. Hopefully the new one will be better lol.

All in all it was a good day. I have a deadline for my first project so we'll see how long it really takes me to code things lol. We'll see if my current estimates are right or if I'm way off on things. I have some things I need to learn and start looking up and working on in my free time. I'll have to make myself a list of skills to learn. Most of which are already on my so-called agenda, just haven't gotten to them yet for whatever reason.

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