I like my job

I know it's only two weeks in, but I've been coding for a week straight - had three different specs tossed around and finally something I think we will start with. I've solved my biggest hurdle, the rest should be smooth sailing for this particular project.

I'm not sure I mentioned it but my official job is Web Developer/Data Management. So one of the things that I really need/want to do is take the tables and sketch out relationships in a visible way. There are almost 60 tables with varying degrees of foreign keys and the like. And it's a true relational database as most sql databases are but this data is on Microsoft SQL server 2008. I'm only reading currently from the data so I don't have to worry so much about the relationships in terms of deleting (yay!) but it's a lot of data I need to know where it's all at.

Shea reminded me again that he wished he could have a job he loved. And I must admit while I know I'm stressing over it (or was anyway) that I do really enjoy my job. I love coding and I love the problem solving even if it's nerve wracking for a while. I hope this continues, it has been only two weeks.

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