The Working Life

I like my job. I like what I do. And even though it cuts out time on the internet I don't miss much online. I miss my bestest friend the most. We don't get to talk hardly at all, but we manage to stay in touch still, so yay!

I don't so much miss facebook as I miss seeing what my family posts on a daily basis. I do try to catch up first thing in the morning as well as check my email.

Nights I come home, we eat supper, then we snuggle and watch TV or play the Wii. I only have 1.5 hours with the girls before bed time so it's well spent time. Shea and I then read or watch TV till I need to go to sleep which for mean is no later than 9pm. Other wise I struggle out of bed before struggling the girls out of bed.

We get up in the morning, shower and eat breakfast and then to go school. I come home for about 30 minutes while I wait for my time to go to work. No paid overtime unless it's asked for and really there hasn't been a need as of yet.

Work Lunch Work and then we do it all over again lol. I could come home for lunch being I work literally 5 mins from the house, but then leaving is hard. I had to pick Sam up one lunch cause Shea's truck decided to stop working and it was a pain leaving Sam, she wanted to come with me. While she can she'd be bored out of her mind and I'd rather her stay home with Daddy.

All in all it's good I like it. The girls have adjusted well.

But it leaves little time to keep ya'll informed or myself.

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