Sorry so long

Everythings been so busy I've been kinda out of it with my writing lately. For a few months actually.

I love my job. The girls are doing great. I don't really have much to say.

Christmas was really good. We went to the in-laws on Christmas Eve, so we got to stay home on Christmas. The girls got very few toys, but I think they enjoyed everything they got 100%. Shea and I got them a new flat screen TV for their room, Grandma and Grandpa got them a digital point and shoot camera with accessory. Gram T got them an mp3 player (they got a camera and mp3 player for each of them). Mam and Pawpaw got them their very own towels, some more sheets and a school memory book, among a few other things. The aunts and uncles got them mostly clothes, a new wii game, and Cars 2 and a leapfrog tag book and amazon gift card for music.

Kathleen's had part of her birthday, he party is on Jan 7 so most of her presents haven't been opened. But we got her a game called Skylanders. Her and Daddy played on Friday so long that Daddy forgot to cook supper - Bad Daddy. Sammi isn't so happy with it, but that's okay I think she'll get it eventually.

Wish everyone a happy New Year!

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