Resolution Review

Last year I made resolutions. I'm rather impressed with what actually got accomplished.

  • Write 2500 words a week (or 500 words for 5 days each week)
  • Create a postcard/brochure for my freelancing business
  • Find a job
  • Buy an exercise bike (and use it!)
  • Expand my WordPress knowledge
  • Try to make sour dough bread
  • Fine new and creative ways to each well on a small budget
  • Try some new vegetables
  • Learn more jQuery
  • Reduce Allergens in my house/Deep Clean the House

#1 I failed at haha, I started out okay and just feel off the wagon.
#2 I didn't do it, I started and worked on it and updating my portfolio, but didn't actually accomplish the goal.
#3 I did find a job. And I love my job!
#4 We did buy an exercise bike, but I barely use it. I hope to try to use it more in the future.
#5 I did expand my WordPress. One of my projects to up my portfolio was Custom Post stuff. Though the latter end of the year saw a decline in WordPress and an incline of CodeIgniter.
#6 I did try to make sour dough bread but it didn't work out too well. Maybe I'll try again later.
#7 I don't think I found any creative ways to eat well on a budget. Maybe this year.
#8 I did learn more jQuery. I'm always learning more jQuery. It's part of what I use on a regular basis at work.
#9 Sadly yes we did do this. Shea lost his job, and that actually cut out alot of the allergens he was bringing home and we got rid of Bubba. So the two biggest allregen makers were taken care of, however sad it is that both happened. We are all healthier for it. We did not however do a deep clean.

That's last years in review. I'll post next about this years resolutions.

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