2012 Resolutions

Last few days have been about resolutions. Some people are for them others are against them. They are goals I set out before me and I'll see how much I follow through. When it comes to dieting I suck at it, I know, and I won't add it to the list even though it is a big wish to lose weight. Though I am going to try to focus on getting the daily required veggies, fruits and grains and cut back on the soda and other not so good things. But we'll see, but its not a resolution, it's more of a life change than anything.

My Resolutions

  1. Learn a new framework
  2. Learn more about Unix System Administration
  3. Blog/Journal at least a little each day
  4. I've signed up for Code Year. It's a weekly programming project aimed at teaching programming. But it might be something good to keep the mind thinking.
  5. Eat Healthier
  6. Now that I'm working I need to spend more time with my girlies both together and alone.
  7. Find a non-computer, cheap hobby.

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