Games and Hobbies

Shea and I stopped playing WoW months ago. We stopped playing Rift shortly after that. Its mostly a financial situation. Shea played DAoC for a while then got fed up with it. He and the girls are playing a Wii game pretty predominately called Skylanders. It's a bunch of little figurines that come to life in game. It's a money sink but the girls (and Shea) are loving it. We have a few more base figures to buy in order to be able to enter all areas of the game. But we have a 5 year old coming up in March so I'm sure we'll gather some more then. Or some other Wii game that she'd enjoy.

But as far as I'm concerned I've not really done much gaming. Work leaves little time for it, and I'd rather watch tv with my hub and the girls pestering me. I've tried Lord of the Rings Online again, and it's eh, only real benefit of playing it is I get to play with Rae. I've got a Lineage 2 account. Which is fine and well except for the fact that towns are kinda filled with squatters and makes the lag in that area so very hard to deal with. But it's an interesting game, we'll see if I do anything more with it.

This is why I say I need a cheap non-computer hobby. Something I can still do and spend time with my girls. I could read but that gets expensive fast with books to buy and all. I don't think our library has rental ebooks, and I don't have a kindle either. Though not sure that's all it's set to.

Ah well. Any suggestions for free games? An facebook games don't count.

Maybe when Diablo III comes out I'll have some money to spend on it, we'll see.

Dragon Hunting

Published on September 30, 2015

First Public Writing

Published on September 30, 2015