Kathleen's birthday was the 29th, but her party isn't until tomorrow. We've had 2 possibly 3 (I think only 2) RSVPs from her class. She wants a skating party. So that's what we did. RSVPs being important with limited number of tickets for the price we have right now. Though not worried, if they didn't RSVP well then their loss.

Tomorrow we will go grocery shopping. Get Kathleen's cake and head up to the skating rink at 2pm. Then play "hostess" until 5pm. Thankfully it's pretty scheduled at the rink so I don't have much to do, tho I'm a poor picture taker when I'm having to hold Sam's hand cause she won't skate by herself. Thankfully Aunts and Uncles will be there too and they can help too.

She picked out a marble cake with a Rupunzel theme. It was the first princess theme she saw.

Jerry Lee's had a Phineas and Ferb cake this time. So maybe if Sammi's up for it thats what she'll have. But she insists on a beautiful race car cake. She loves her cars lol.

Kathleen is 6. It's really hard to believe. Sam will be 5, it doesn't so much as boggle my mind that she'll be 5, it's that she's going to be 5 and I can STILL carry her. By 3 Kathleen was too heavy to carry for long stretches. And Kathleen is not fat by any means, she's dense! Kathleen has meat on her bones and has her little curves. Sam, she's straight in every direction. She can't wear pants that fit her length cause they literally slip right off her butt. She ends up wearing high-waters. Might have to learn how to sew on some ruffles to her pants that fit.

Tomorrow will be a fun day I'm sure.

Dragon Hunting

Published on September 30, 2015

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Published on September 30, 2015