Casseroles & Slow Cooker

When Shea starts working. This is not an if, he's going slowly insane with the not working. Not because of the girls, just because he's home and not working. So When he goes back to work we'll both be working. We need to find a new way to make dinner and eat in a timely fashion. So we are thinking casseroles and slow cooker meals.

What we are looking for are healthy casseroles and slow cooker meals that we can throw in the oven or make first thing in the morning for dinner. I have a few slow cooker meals (Taco Soup, Potato Soup, Chicken ala King, Chicken stew, Beef Stew and Roast). However not all of these are with in our budget right now. Though when Shea gets a job they will be.

I have a few casseroles we can make (Tuna Casserole, Chicken Casserole, Smokey Chicken Pasta [Macaroni & cheese with bacon and chicken). Some of these are not very healthy.

So basically this is a call out for recipes. Would love to hear suggestions!

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