End of School

The Girls are out of school. Well mostly Sam has the rest of the week to finish off but she has officially graduated preschool. They had their little ceremony last night. It was cute and we are all proud of her.

Kathleen's last day was last Friday, she did really well this year. We are proud of her and impressed with her skills thus far. They definitive have to know a lot more than we did as kids. She's reading well, she's writing well and excelling in math, just like her mama.

Sam is excited to be going to Kindergarten next year. I'm worried about clothes for my little thing. She is barely into big kid clothes, she's going to be wearing jumpers mostly just so her clothes stay on. This is a girl who is too tall for 3Ts but too skinny for 4Ts. She eats like crazy, Shea calls her a Hobbit cause she is always eating. But you can't fault the girl for wanting broccoli and carrots and grapes and strawberries. She does not ask for junk, always vegies and fruit. Though she does love popcorn and will ask continually for a hot dog lol. That's my kid for ya. Her sister's only vegies is a salad... mind you her salad is lettuce, cheese and ranch. That's all. Nothing else lol.

We are going to do something special for them. Shea says we need to get Kathleen an art box that we can keep her art materials safe in. Something she'll take care of and treat well. No idea what to do for Sam, the easiest kid to please but she's the hardest to shop for.

I hope they have a great summer with Daddy. Shea's applying for school for next fall, so it'll be a new challenge then I think.

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