Writing Again

This post is two fold. The first is I hope to be picking up on writing here again. I play on Leveling Up My Life and writing about things here. The first challenge starts August 6th and will last for 6 weeks. I'm still deciding on my goals and how to distribute points and such. That will probably be a post all of it's own.

I don't want to diet. I don't want to count calories. We don't eat bad for the budget we have. I'd gladly eat more vegetables, but that is probably going to mean a bigger food bill since only Sammi and I really eat them. We'll see when we go shopping this weekend. Need more veggies that's a big key I think.

The second reason for writing is that I have actually been writing a series of novellas. I wrote the first two in in 20 days. The third novella is taking much longer. Not for lack of wanting, but I'm finding that since I went to the doctor about my elbow I feel it getting worse so even typing is hard at home with out a proper desk/chair combo.

What's wrong with my elbow? Well it's in pain. It started out with my left wrist bothering back in college. Wasn't carpal tunnel and it wasn't bad for whatever it was. I went to the doctor a few weeks ago and he put me on anti-inflammatory drugs to take the swelling down. I felt better, but the day after I stopped taking them I pretty much started to ache. But I've been having headaches again so I haven't been taking the meds cause I'd been taking things the doctor told me not to take with the meds. So my elbow has been in pretty much pain. So I type what I have to at work and not so much for fun right now. I'll be starting my meds again until my next appointment.

I've had a nerve conductive study done and it was abnormal, ulnar nerve entrapment. No bug surprise, so now I wait for an appointment with an orthopedic doctor for the next step. Fun fun. I hate waiting.

But back to the writing. We watched the last Vampire Underworld movie and it sparked my imagination and I started writing. Apocalypse via vampires is basically what it boils down to. I've enjoyed it greatly, though it has gone places I hadn't intended as any good character driven story does. Once I finish the last novella, I plan on going through and making a few notes on some aspects of the world to include, work on description and the word I as it's a first person POV. That'll be the first step in editing. While I don't think it's worthy of publishing I might self publish once I don't feel self conscious about putting it out there. Also debating if I do if not to write under a pen name, just so the shy girl in the corner can remain the shy girl in the corner lol. But either way it's a possibility.

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