Challenge #1 - Day 1

Today starts Nerd Fitness' next six week challenge. I am attempting to participate.

Challenge #1 (Aug 6 – Sept 16th)

  • Follow the Exercise Routine everyday (STR: 2, STA: 2, CHA: 1)
  • Lose 5 lbs by the end of the challenge (CON: 3, CHA: 1)
  • Eat vegetables with every dinner (CON: 4)
  • Finish the first Draft of Revolution (and world building editing) (WIS: 2)

I have my veggie and chicken 'stir fry' sitting in the fridge to warm up and portion out with bags when we actually buy some freezer bags lol. Exercise plan is worked up and I'm ready to complete what I can tonight. Weighed my starting weight and know where I need to be at the end of the 6 weeks. And I'm working on Revolution AND there is at least one if not more books/novella/stories to follow that. So I'm pushing forward on this whole weight loss thing.

I'm not tracking calorie intake or expenses this go around. I'm not going to track calories the rest of my life so there is not point trying now. The goal is to eat healthier, get moving and just feel better about myself. And hopefully in the process I'll lose weight too.

Also joined Fitocracy as a fun motivator.

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