2012 Resolution Review

Well not sure I measure up to anything I said I would do but here goes.

My Resolutions

  1. Learn a new framework
  2. Learn more about Unix System Administration
  3. Blog/Journal at least a little each day
  4. I’ve signed up for Code Year. It’s a weekly programming project aimed at teaching programming. But it might be something good to keep the mind > thinking.
  5. Eat Healthier
  6. Now that I’m working I need to spend more time with my girlies both together and alone.
  7. Find a non-computer, cheap hobby.
  1. Yes I did learn a new framework. I picked up Laravel and have writte a few tiny applications with it. I'm waiting for Laravel 4 to be released so that I can do more in depth stuff with it as working with out documentation is rather hard for me at the moment. I also learned python and ruby, tho I haven't actually done much other than learn the basics.
  2. Not really. I tried, but the computer died that I was using so I didn't get far. Though it's still a goal
  3. Nope didn't do well with that I started out strong, but fell through. However I did complete a 90K writing project that I'm still working on and refining with more to write and flesh out.
  4. I again started out strong with code year, but it was all review with very little new stuff. I'll probably hunt and peck through a few concepts that I want to learn about
  5. Didn't eat any healthier, though I did try. And again will try again this year.
  6. I didn't spend more time with the girles but we still had a wonderful year.
  7. Still haven't found a non-computer related hobby. Shea's taken up photography so that's great. I think my writing is starting to push strong again. I keep having a pull to go back to DM but I really don't want to get sucked back in. So when the urge hits I start writing more for A Dark Journey. The problem with that is I always get side tracked with little programming things I can do to make my life easier. Though I think I'm done with that at the moment, I still want to index character appearances in scenes not quite sure how to do that well yet. As I don't want to search the who set of files for them not at least on demand.

I also improved my work flow by adding git to it and automatic ftp to when I edit to the dev server. So I think I had a good year all in all.

If I remember I'll make my resolutions, though I think I will be doing them slightly different this year than in prior years.

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