Happy New Year!

Well I managed to see in the New Year. I didn't last much longer than that though.

This morning we were woken by gun shots at 6am. Some nut job was firing a gun behind our house in the alley back there. I did go back to sleep aftewards and didn't get up till about 11am. The girls were kind enough to let me sleep. Though they do need to practice being quiet a bit more - a lot more :P

My goals aren't going to start out great. I'm still kicking the soda, mostly because we have it and second because we couldn't afford to get the things I wanted to this shopping trip. Christmas and Kathleen's birthday took a toll on our finances.

Speaking of finances, THANK THE LORD that my insurance is actually only going up $25 a pay check instead of $200 plus. I had one hell of a bad weekend, I'm pretty sure that migraine was all about stressing out over it on top of the rest of my headache days.

But my goals are getting a hit of productivity, not because it's a goal but because it really is something I wanted to do. I added in all the missing scenes I thought were already in there but weren't. I still have information that needs to be included, threads of the story that kinda just didn't do anything. I have to rewrite one scene because in the process of adding in a few of the lose ends it changed the battle plan a lot. So I have to rewrite it. And I've worked on pieces of the last book. Though it may not be a last book I'll probably not be happy with any ending I can have. But then I don't intend to stop writing these stories once I finish them so that's probably the reason they just keep going the way they are. But I don't have any main action to the story so not sure where it should go, I need to think on it before I can actually start writing. This book will fill out the WAY back story so it's a keeper.

I also started filling in my good reads profile. I intend to use it to keep track of my progress on The Wheel of Time. Now to make time to finish reading Knife of Dreams. I use to have so much time to read lol, what happened to it all.

Kathleen was not happy about her birthday, no friends showed up to her party and she was sad. I feel bad for her. I'm thinking we will end up moving her birthday party to January for her school friends, but not we will not be doing a skating party again. Blew $125 dollars on our kids to skate on their own pair of skates, 3 pizzas and 2 2-litters of soda and the room for the family to hang out in for 1.5 hours. Not worth the money.

Thankfully Sam's birthday is in warmer weather and we can go to the Beach Park for like $30 for most of the day.

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