Chai Tea

Well today I tried Chai Tea for the first time. It smelled good, and it tasted pretty good. It was a sample packet we got in something or another. Supposedly Tea has as much caffeine or more as one can of Dr. Pepper, however I have never had the same affect for a headache as I do with the can of caffeine.

But today I ready why that is the case. Because there is a reaction with the caffeine and the natural chemical tannin of tea that works to slow down caffeine absorption. So that is why it never seems to get rid of a caffeine withdrawl headache. It probably would given enough time.

So my current plan to switch out the soda to brewed tea is probably the best way to do it. I've cut myself down to 1 can a day for breakfast and then one cup of tea in the afternoon with lunch. This will work only if I can get some tea in the house. Only thing we have is a family pack of tea that makes 1 quart. I don't need quite that much. Though I might think about making it at home, and bringing it to work where the splenda is free.

After the soda is gone in the house, I think there are three cans left if no one has had any at home yet lol. I will start with 2-3 cups of tea day. Not only does it give the caffeine fix, but it increases good liquid intake - ie: no sugar. And yes I will try to drink tea with out sweetners but I'm pretty sure that's as bad as plain water lol. But we'll see.

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