Another Headache

Yesterday didn't go so well. I was supposed to start workout but because of the massive incapacitating headache I had it didn't happen. And it's probably not going to happen today either as a make up day. Maybe Friday will be better.

I can feel the tension under my eye and in my neck and shoulder so I know today's going to be another bad day.

This headache I expect, this headache is typical of my headaches, I think the pain and stress from the one last week is making these ones worse in 'temperament' than usual. I can get through this but the caffeine regime is going to have to wait until next week, cause I'm pretty sure cutting down on the caffeine now could cause more harm (which could also be the reason it got so bad last night, one can versus two cans is a big difference even with a cup of tea.)

So here's to hoping tomorrow is a better day. And that today is a much better day than I think it will be.

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