Application Decided

I decided what I wanted to do for my App this year. I choose this app because I wanted something I would find useful AND something I hadn't seen yet.

I'm calling the app Headache Chronicles. It's a Headache Diary, but it will also log hour weather updates. It will include everything that is in must headache trackers plus this unique feature. I know I find myself wondering if it's a pressure thing or if it's a weather thing, this might help me figure that out.

Here is Draft 1 of the Specification that I intend to have on the first alpha/beta release of the software:

3 Projects in 1 Features

  • headache diary api
  • headache diary web app
  • mobile diary app (iPhone/Andriod/HTML5)

Headache Diary API

  • Register New User
  • Lost Password?
  • Login/Logout
  • Create New Headache
  • Edit Headache
  • Delete Headache
  • Sync with Online database
  • Hourly Weather Gathering
  • Get All Headaches
  • Get Headaches in Date Range
  • Get a Headache
  • Get all Weather
  • Get Weather for Time Frame
  • Edit User Account

Application Functionality

  • All API implementation
  • Works Offline
  • Syncs with online database when connection is available
  • Calendar of Headaches
  • Chart Weather & Headaches

I intend to use Laravel 4 as the base framework, hopefully it's released soon so that I can get some questions answered that are critical to this application.

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