Today Kathleen told me she told her sister how to get a My Little Pony Wallpaper on her tablet. So I went and installed Scratch for her. I showed Kathleen the very basis of how to start and she started right in. She has big plans. A swinging chase scene and some swimming through a jungle area.

She seems excited about it. I'm going to work on a basic worksheet that we can use with scratch that she can try to do herself and I'll help her along the way. We'll see how it goes, I'm going to give her a few weeks to play with scratch with out any instruction. I'm a firm believer if you don't try something then you won't ever learn what it does. Just dive in and try to make it do something.

I also installed Scratch on the laptop for Sam hopefully it'll work okay for her on that dinosaur.

Dragon Hunting

Published on September 30, 2015

First Public Writing

Published on September 30, 2015