Second 6 week Challenge

I will be trying again with the Nerd Fitness's six week challenge. They are tied into this months goals. It starts tomorrow. Hopefully I can get into the swing of things easier.

I thighs are sore from my Friday workout, squats kill them lol. But it's all good, my arms are a bit sore too but not as much as my thighs.

This challenge's goals:

3 fitness goals

  1. Cut soda out of daily routine - because soda is my only source of caffeine, I need to wean myself off the instant dose in one shot to a slow dose of the same size (switching to brewed tea)
  2. Adjust Diet: Cut down carb intake , Increase fruit/vegetable per meal (fruit with oatmeal, salad/soup for lunch, frozen vegies with dinner)
  3. M, W, F Bodyweight workout - starting with 20 min hotel workout.

Personal goal:

  • Begin working on a headache diary web app/mobile app with api.

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