Goals going well

It's almost halfway through the month and I'm still doing well.

I have complete 4 of my goals.

  1. Finished Knife of Dreams (half way through The Gathering Storm)
  2. Decided I am going to read the girls Harry Potter AFTER I finish Wheel of Time
  3. I installed Scratch on Kathleen's computer, though they've not played with it much since then. Though she did ask me to teach her to make a webpage. So first is learning to type. If anyone knows any good beginner typing games I'm all ears!
  4. Decided I am going to do my Headache Diary App for my project this year. And Laravel 4 went into beta 1 today WITH documentation so AWESOME!

I've pretty much kicked caffeine's butt! I haven't had soda in about 4 days and I slide on the temptation to get some this weekend when I had to run out on Sunday to get Sam some ginger ale cause she wasn't not doing so well - stomach bug. I have managed to find a method to rid me of a caffeine headache - Tylenol plus a cup of tea! I've only had one cup of tea since Saturday and thus far no headaches. My current caffeine intake is 1 cup of tea in 2.5 days. We'll see how long that streak goes. I am not fond of tea at work as it's way to relaxing and I end up more sleepy than I was before so not a good thing at work. That will put two of the goals in the finished pile once I'm sure it's done with. Then it's just to stay on the band wagon hehe.

Carbs are easy to lower but I end up hungry. Veggies are a bit harder to include because I'm either the only one who eats them or Samantha eats them all lol. Hopefully I'll find a solution that works well for me.

Exercising is my down fall. I've managed 2 workouts this month. I think I may end up having to schedule them in the morning. That means 20 mins less sleep on days I really want to stay in bed. Which for me is most days. I'm not lazy, I just enjoy laying in my bed all warm and cozy like. I might try 15 mins before but we'll see, that's still pushing my limits. I need my sleep and I like it to be 8 hours of actual sleep and not 8 hours of lying in bed, which is why I go to bed at 9pm so that I have enough time to actually fall asleep.

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