January Wrap Up

January Goals:

  • Cut out the soda
  • Switch caffeine intake to brewed tea with splenda
  • Cut down on the number of carbs and increase vegetable intake!
  • Add missing scenes and information to Revolution for A Dark Journey
  • Add an additional book to Revolution (I don’t like the ending)
  • Decide what application I want to work on (this is for fun and will be a slow process since it’s only on my lunch hour and my weekends)
  • Finish Knife of Dreams
  • Install Scratch on the girls computer and show them the basics of the program
  • Decide which books to start reading – Harry Potter, or something else?
  • Do 20 min Hotel Room Workout on M, W & F

I haven't had soda for the most part since the first week in January. I had some when Dairy Queen opened up for lack of anything else palatable, but it wasn't caffeine yay! - 100% done

Switching caffeine was slightly easier done than I thought. I haven't really had much caffeine in a few weeks. I have tea every so often, and hot chocolate at work. I also am finishing off the vanilla cappicino I have at work but much less than the servings say added with my hot chocolate - 100% done

Cutting down on the carbs and adding vegetables is hard on a budget. I will continue to try. I did lose about 8 lbs so I'm happy with that and most of that I know is the whole cutting out the soda thing. - 20% done

I did finish most of the new scenes for Revolution, I didn't finish one tho. I started adding a new book to it. Though don't think I'm liking it. I'm also working a short story. - 80% done

I have started working on a Headache Diary App. I really need one. It's a work in progress. - 100% done

I did install scratch for the girls. They had a blast the first day. Kathleen wants to learn how to make a web page so that required her to type better, I will have to work on that before she can get going - 100% done

I finished Knife of Dreams AND The Gathering Storm AND Towers of Midnight AND started A Memory of Light - 300% done

I have decided against reading to the girls. Instead I want to find chapter books Kathleen can read to her sister. Though if I do we will probably read Harry Potter - 100% done

Working out has been an utter fail! I'm really not sure how to add it to my daily routine. I need to find some motivation to do so. - 0% done

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