Possible Changes

It's very possible we have a very life altering change coming up - no we aren't expecting another child!

Now before you say anything negative, this first topic is a matter of money and of incompleteness of the courses. Shea has withdrawn from school. Not because he couldn't handle it, but because with the recent 2% increase in Social Security we are in the struggling again area. Another reason Shea opted to do this was because the classes he was taking weren't really going to take him in the direction he wanted to go. They were too simplified and not actually real courses he'd have to take. Pretty much none of those courses would transfer to a 4 year school if that's any indication of what type of classes these were. (And as a side note he was also denied financial aid AGAIN! even with a 4.0 with 18 semester hours for his last semester.)

So now Shea is trying to get back into the shipyard. We've had a few good points in these past few weeks. Shea has definitely gotten further along in the process than he has in the past few years. He has an interview, written and practical test tomorrow. Wish him luck!

If Shea gets this job we have some major things to work around. The biggest being what to do with the girls after school. I think it's going to end up me taking half my lunch to get the girls and get back to work until 5pm. Mam and Pawpaw might be able to help out too. If they can we'll probably try to set a schedule so that we all know what's going on.

This now also causes an issue of What's for Supper? Who's going to cook it? We have several ideas but none we've really discussed more than it's a possibility.

And the last final change is going to be the amount we actually get to see the girls and wake up times. Shea will likely go to bed at 8pm for his 4ish am wake up call. I will probably do the same. It'll give me a few hours to have some peace and quiet, get some freelancing done and hopefully I can throw in a work out before I need to get the girls up at 6am.

Wish us luck and pray Shea gets this job. We really need the money.

As a side note, if he gets this job we won't be to New York until Christmas, at which time we WILL be going provided any health barriers don't get in the way.

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