February Goals going no where

Other than the keeping soda out of my diet my goals aren't going anywhere this Month. It's almost half way through Feb and I'm not accomplished any of them.

I probably only have excuses, though this excuse is a rather good one. I've been spending most of my free time to do those things in my Goal list this month to work on some Freelance Gigs for one of my best clients. Two projects with a potential on going work load intermittently. So I paid enjoyment comes before free enjoyment.

I'm waiting on the Tax Refund to get in so that I can buy a program to teach the girls how to type properly. So that's the main hold up on that.

And a good share of my personal projects are going to drop off the cliff because I will have no more lunch hour to work on them either having to split my lunch between actually eating and then picking them up later in the afternoon. If all goes according to plan, Shea will be getting up around 4:30a and I will try to as well, in which time I hope to throw in at least a 15 min work out, hopefully more than that and then have about 1 hour to do other things. Because I'll have to deal with cooking breakfast if they are so inclined to eat eggs and toast again, the girls will be getting up to start our morning routine at 5:50a so we have enough time to eat.

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