February Look Back

February Goals:

  • Continue to leave soda off daily menu and lower carb intake (increase vegetable/fruit intake)
  • Finish Headache Diary Web App with out syncing/database/api options.
  • Rewrite last Chapter of Revolution to a non-cliffhanger ending
  • Start teaching the girls to type
  • Write The First Hunt Short Story

Soda off the menu has been achieved again this month. I've had maybe four sodas all month, yay! Still trying to reduce carbs and intake more veggies but still on that tight budget limits us drastically since it's extra for me cause very few in the house actually eat veggies. But I'm watching portion sizes and taking care not to eat too many fried foods. All in all with out trying I'm maintaining the weight loss from the lack of soda, so that's a plus. Now to incorporate some exercise and I think it'll go down from here. But that's a whole nother story.

I didn't touch my app this month. Mostly because I had paying client work which took precedence.

I did finish my last chapter of Revolution to the non cliffhanger version. I'm much happier with the end of the story now than I was. It needs some major editing thought.

I didn't start teaching the girls how to type. I was waiting for our tax refund to buy a teach kids to type program which I hope they will use. We got the Tax refund in so I will probably buy it but its no longer February so it's a failed goal.

I didn't finish the First Hunt, I did work on it a little bit this past week but for the same reason that I didn't do my headache app is the same reason I didn't write. I had paying work which took up my free time.

All in all it wasn't a great month. But I feel my excuses were valid ones as it brings more money into the house. Yay money!

Dragon Hunting

Published on September 30, 2015

First Public Writing

Published on September 30, 2015