Vacation in New York

Shea proposed that we go to New York right after the girls get out of school. I needed to put in 2 weeks notice for vacation so it was a week later before we were able to go. We flew up to Albany on June 1st and flew back to Gulfport on Jun 8th. It was a lovely vacation.

To Edmeston

I'm a worry wort. I stressed about the whole thing, but we didn't forget anything and all in all it was a good flight. We got up at 2am, left the house around 3am, had breakfast at IHOP and got to the airport around 4:45am. Our plane didn't leave until 6am, but we started boarding about 5:20am. Security was a breeze and the girls didn't have to take off their shoes so that was nice.

The girls really enjoyed the flight. We had no issues. We got to Atlanta a little bit early. Not that it would have mattered.

Sam was terrified of the escalators. The first one down she freaked out. I told her to grab my arm cause my hands were full, she didn't and she didn't step with me. sighs So I tried to climb the escalator that was going down and messed up my knees. Thankfully the lady directly behind us grabbed her hand and she got on but talk about a panic attack! I had nightmares for days afterwards.

The plan in Atlanta was delayed. Why? Because of faulty navigation computer. So we waited an extra 1.5 hours on top of our already 1 hour delay. That was not fun. The girls were getting anxious and there wasn't much we could do.

The second leg of the plane trip was easy, Kathleen slept and Sammi and I played games on my phone.

We rented a car, thankfully the guy talked Shea into a bigger car than we had. It was still very small compared to our van and we all felt a bit confined. But it served us well for the drive down.

We were all starving by the time we got on the road and were going to stop. However there was nothing before Oneonta so we called my parents 30 minutes out and met them at Walmart to pick up our toletries and some things for Mom. And then we went to Denny's to eat.

We followed my parents home, the girls road with Grandma and Grandpa, so we had a quiet ride into Edmeston.

The Week of Relaxing

Shea and I relaxed most of the time, the girls on the other hand were go go go with Grandma.

Saturday was hot and the girls played in the kiddie pool for a good share of the evening as it cooled down. Shea went to bed early he was wiped out.

Sunday we ate lunch at Grandma T's house and played cards. We had two web calls with my Aunts who were out of state or out of town. We of course played cards. I think the game was called three to thirteen. It was a relatively simple game outside of the initial learning curve. We hung out with my cousins and my aunt.

Monday Mom and Dad had to make an early run to Cooperstown for a doctor's appointment. We had the morning to our selves which consisted of TV lol. That evening we went to Jenny's little farm down the road, and the girls got to pet some calves, goats and ride a pony. They had a grand time.

The remainder of the week consisted of Shea and I watching TV with Dad and the girls running around with Grandma to the chickens. They got to drive the tractor and hold a chicken called 'fluffy'. I believe it is my uncle's only Silky. I know nothing of farm animals despite the basics lol.

Shea and I caught up on Dr Who and Game of Thrones. Though we did miss the final episode of Game of Thrones as it aired Sunday when were home. Hopefully my Mom recorded it so we can watch it. Would suck to have to wait a year just to watch one episode.

Thursday and Friday it rained, but that was okay, it slowed the girls down a bit lol. Thursday we went to Oneonta and the girls got their ears pierced. Kathleen did really well. Sammi didn't like it. She won't let anyone touch her ears right now, but she's getting better. Hopefully the trauma won't last too long.

Thursday was also the family get together at Red Pines for Thirsty Thursday. We saw many more cousins and aunts and uncles. We didn't stay long, Kathleen was getting antsy and wanted to go. To be fair there wasn't much for them to do there in the restaurant/bar on the golf course.

Friday, Dad had another doctor appointment. He came home early to spend some more time with us. After his appointment we went to Oneonta to eat at Brooks. Yum! As good as I remember. Then we headed to Albany to spend the night in a hotel to catch the 6am flight back home.

The Trip Home

At the hotel Shea took the rental car back to the airport after getting gas and the rush hour traffic calmed down a little bit. When he got home we ordered pizza. We ordered around 6-7 pm and after two tries it got there nearly at 10pm. We waited for some not so good food. The wings were passable. I didn't try the garlic knots and the pizza was so so. All in all it wasn't a good night.

But we got up at 4:30a and headed to the airport. We grabbed two drinks and we got on the plane. No major issues. We got to Atlanta with no problems, and sat for our 2 hour layover with some hold over food. The plane ride was good Sam slept the second leg of the trip. Kathleen did the first leg and drooled all over my arm lol.

When we landed we went to the Golden Coral to eat.

Home Sweet Home

When we got home the house was hot so we opened the windows and turned on the AC in the back and then to Walmart to go grocery shopping since we had no food in the house.

All in all we had a great trip. I think the girls liked the plane but neither really wanted to do it again. So we'll see how things go in the future. Once I get two weeks I think it'll be much more feasible to drive up. As long as Shea gets two weeks too, we'll see how things go. Now back to life and hopefully Shea will get a job soon so he'll feel more productive. I know it's killing him not working.

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